Monolithic Functional Cells

Doubler Measured CL ~4dB, Fin 8 - 10GHz
Tripler 5-8 Measured CL <10dB, Fin 5 - 8GHz
Tripler 7.9-9 Measured CL <10dB, Fin 7.5 - 9GHz
Mixer X band Measured CL <10dB, RF 8 - 12GHz, 5GHz LPF IF Filter
Mixer Ku band Measured CL <10dB, RF 14 - 18GHz, 5GHz LPF IF Filter
Mixer 17-24 Measured CL <10dB Up/Down, RF 24 - 30GHz, IF 0.9-3GHz
Mixer 24-30 Measured CL <10dB Up/Down, RF 24 - 30GHz, IF 0.9-3GHz
IRM 17.7 - 21.5 Measured CL <10dB RF 17.7 - 21.5GHz, IF 0.9-3GHz
Phase shifter 6bit Design 6 bit, S band
Wideband Phase shifterDesign 6 bit, 6-16GHz
DCA 5.5 bit Measured 6 bit, S band, IL 2.5dB, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 8 dB bits
LO x3 chain Measured LOin 7.8-9GHz Input buffer, 13dBm, Tripler, BPF
IRM+LO x2 Chain Measured LOin 7.8-9GHz Input buffer, 13dBm, Tripler, BPF
RF quad coupler Measured 0.9-1.5GHz
Ka VCO Measured 30 - 32 GHz 10dBm, AM, FM modulation
Ka Antenna Measured On chip, ~50deg EL, 60deg Az, 25GHz, 7% BW
RF AMP (LNA) Measured 17-24.5GHz ~22dB gain NF 3.6dB
LO mid power buffer Measured 15.9-22.5GHz 15dB Gain
C band amplifier Measured 13dB Gain
Amplifier 17-24 Measured 3stage, 2x0.5mm cell output, 17-24.5GHz, 22dBm
Amplifier 24-30 Measured 2Stage, 2x0.5mm Balanced, 24.5-30GHz, 18dBm
IQ Modulator 5-6 Design IF DC-100MHz Gilbert Mixer
Amplifier 17-24 Design 3stage, 4x0.5mm cell output, 17-24.5GHz, 27dBm
Amplifier 24-30 Measured 3stage, 2x0.5mm cell output
Amplifier Measured 11dB gain, 23-30GHz
X band Amp Measured 2Stage, 2x0.6mm cell, X band, 27dBm, 18dB gain
S band Power Amp Design S band, 20W output, 27dB gain
Wideband Amplifier Measured 4-18GHz, > 10dB gain
Modified Bessel LPF Measured Cutoff freq. 2.55, 2.7, 2.85, 3.0, 3.15GHz, RL >15dB
Distributed amplifierMeasured DC-20GHz , 0.25um pHEMT, 10dB gain, 12dB match
Distributed amplifierMeasured DC-40GHz , 0.15um pHEMT, 8dB gain, 12dB match
Fshaper Measured Custom microwave 10GHz signal amplitude shaper

This functions list does not include functions developed for specific customers under non-disclosure agreements.

Status Key:

  • Design - design and layout stage
  • FAB - fabrication at Gal El, UMS or WIN and standby for measurements
  • Measured - measured data available