Introduction to Microwave Circuits

The agenda of this program is to provide basic microwave circuit design concepts to engineers and support staff. The program covers the underplaying concepts and math and introduces circuit types both in terms of their specifications and their design techniques. We can adjust the presentation according to client needs and add practice examples as needed. Our experience shows that it is best to provide this program over a period of time rather than a condensed session. This allows the participants to reflect on their job related issues and obtain clearer understanding.

Program overview

Section 1: Introduction and basic concepts
  • Review of complex numbers and underlying math
  • Signals and network representations
  • Smith chart, features and applications
  • Wave propagation, modes, media
  • Waveguides, planar types
  • Aantennas

    Section 2: Passive circuits theory
  • Filters, types and uses
  • Matching networks
  • Network synthesis

    Section 3: Linear amplifier theory
  • Design criteria
  • Stability
  • Typical circuits and networks

    Section 4: Non-Linear circuits
  • Concepts of power amplifiers
  • Detectors and Limiters
  • Design criteria
  • Analysis techniques
  • Typical circuits

    Section 5: Autonomous circuits
  • Oscillators,
  • Phase locked loops
  • Synthesizers
  • Section 6: Frequency conversion circuits
  • Mixers
  • frequency multipliers

    Section 7: Components properties and models
  • Passive lumped
  • Distributed elements
  • Discontinuities
  • Solid State devices
  • Noise sources, etc

    Section 8: MMIC and RFIC technologies
  • Monolithic circuit implementation
  • Technologies overview
  • Design specification

    Section 9: RF and Microwave Systems
  • Design criteria
  • Chain analysis
  • Budget
  • Electro-Optics interfaces

    Section 10: Measurements and test equipment
  • Frequency spectrum measurement
  • Scalar and Vector network measurement
  • Time domain parameters, Group Delay, etc
  • Phase noise measurement

    Section 11: Glossary and definitions