Consulting Services

Providing services under consulting arrangements enables our clients to obtain the effective performance of our highly knowledgeable team without extensive long term commitment. This serves to facilitate short programs entailing preliminary design or modeling tasks. In many instances we can augment clients' personnel or provide the necessary data and expertise to complete programs at a lower overal cost. In some cases, long term consulting arrangements we entertained provided our clients with technical leadership and mentoring.

All our consulting services are fully covered by non-disclosure commitment and we do not accept any tasks where conflict of interest might be possible. This dedication has served many of our clients over the years and led to an excellent reputation.

Each consulting task must be well defined before any work begins. The definition includes: the scope of activities, estimated resources required, associated cost, deliverables, schedule and all relevant data and equipment which is required.

We take care to keep our clients updated with frequent progress reports throughout the consulting activity regarding all aspects of the activity including financial and technical.