Monolithic Designs

Monolithic technologies including MMIC and RFIC were always a cornerstone of our activities. Our experience encompasses most aspects of monolithic product development, beginning with the development of reliable modeling and simulation tools, support for device and technology development through numerous MMIC and some RFIC designs.

We have worked with several specific MMIC fabrication facilities and technologies including TriQuint and UMS's 0.25um pHEMT technologies, GalEl's 0.5um MESFET, 0.25um pHEMT, 0.15um pHEMT and PIN processes. Some experience was gained also with Intel and AMS's RF-CMOS technologies and others.

Years of intimate interaction with MMIC fab processes have led us to an excellent understanding of these technologies along with their superb capabilities and important limitations. This knowledge allows us to properly assess advantages of each technology as well as integration issues, packaging effects and development cost.

Our proven IP functional cells list over 20 different types of circuits ranging from pico-second speed digital gates in GaAs to mm-wave amplifiers, mixers and oscillators.