Electro-Optical Technologies

Extension of our microwave capabilities into the electro-optical domain has proven beneficial especially in analog signal transmission. We have learned a great deal about the peculiarities of the light to microwaves interface especially in the area of proper impedance match and high dynamic range applications. Several programs we were part of were involved in high speed drive of microwave signals into arrays of electro-optical modulators.

This exposure provided us with unique design experience in the field. Combined with our microwave design knowledge and experience with simulation and fabrication of monolithic devices it enables us to tackle difficult electro-optical products. Such programs include design of high speed Electro-Optical modulators as well as measurements of RF properties of electro-optical devices at die level. Other activities entailed the design of high dynamic range TIA interfaces, optical transmission drivers and receivers.

Slow wave periodic feed / matching structure for a GaAs E-O Mach-Zender modulator