Device Characterization and Modeling

Our proven device modeling capability encompasses linear and non-Linear device models. We successfully modeled a variety of microwave devices were and implemented the models into custom and public libraries. The procedure we use covers all the steps of device evaluation, measurement and characterization, modeling, CAD tool implementation and verification. This multi-step procedure can be tailored to specific client needs by selecting from the following modeling steps:

    Our repertoire of linear designs includes:
    Special filters and frequency multiplexers -
  • Preliminary parametric device characterization using DOE and "Device Zoo"
    Selection of operating range for the device. The operating range is defined by the intended circuit application(s) of the device models may cover one or more application(s) of the device. The operating range is defined by circuit properties including:
    • Bias
    • Signal level
    • Frequency range
    • Temperature range
    • Maximum currents, voltages or light power
  • Selection of appropriate target model
    Selection of the correct device model is a key to limit the resource investment in the modeling effort and it maximizes design quality
  • Definition of necessary data for modeling
  • Definition of the device pool for measurements
  • Measurements of device(s) - Analysis, Sorting
  • Data analysis and cleanup
  • Data formatting per modeling technique
  • Parameter extraction
  • Model validation
  • Model and device layout implementation in CAD tool(s).
    Platforms include Agilent's ADS, Ansoft's Designer and SPICE