Effective CAD for RF and Microwaves

The agenda of this program is to provide practical understanding of simulation tools for microwave circuits and systems. The following course outline should be viewed as an example for similar courses that are available for industry standard tools. Intended for RF and microwave designers, these courses provide a practical perspective on the optimal application of CAD programs for typical design flow. The course addresses simulation capabilities as well as pitfalls and work-around with focus on effective and complete design flow. Emphasis is placed on sensitivity evaluation of circuits and judicious application of electro-magnetic analysis. The course outline can be modified as per specific client requirements. This course as outlined below is best provided as a condensed full (8 hours) 2 or 4 day program. When a 2 day program is elected some of the practice examples are omitted as well as the discussion of User Defined Models and Modeling features.

Program overview

Day 1
Software overview and capabilities
The main window
Glossary and definitions
Project Manager
Schematic Editor
Circuit definition
Parameters and Variable types
Technology definition files
Linear circuit analysis
Linear analysis results
Tuning parameters
Smith design tool
Transmission lines tool
Filter design tool

Day 2
Automatic layout
The Layout Editor
Layout and footprint editing
Passive Circuit exercise
Layout to EM exercise
Smith tool LNA exercise
Optimization LNA exercise
Statistical analysis
Statistical LNA analysis exercise
Design for high yield
Using and generating data files
Libraries Configuration

Day 3
Non-Linear analysis
Non-linear analysis results
LNA Non-Linear exercise
Oscillator simulations
VCO exercise
Modulation space (Envalope) analysis
Digital modulation
Transient analysis
VCO startup
System simulation
FD and DT simulation modes
FD Analysis capabilities
FD Analysis sources and results

Day 4
DT transient analysis
DT baseband analysis
DT sampled carrier analysis
DT sampled envelop analysis
Mixed signal simulation
System exercise
Circuit and System modeling
EM simulation
Physics based circuit solution
Associated CAD utilities and prograns
UDM types overview
Spice subcircuit UDM
Compiled UDM overview
Questions and Practice