Technologies and Applications

Our experience covers a range of implementation technologies for microwave and electro-optical circuits and modules. These technologies include board level electronics for RF and lower frequency applications. Semi-lumped and distributed circuits within traditional microwave modules and using microwave laminates are standard. Working with LTCC and thin-film technologies we have designed modular components for multi-stage modules. Where application requirements or volume production is anticipated, we can apply our extensive knowledge of monolithic technologies. These technologies include RF-CMOS and BiCMOS on insulator for lower frequency very large volume custom components. Where microwave and mm-wave frequencies are involved we would opt for SiGe RFIC or GaAs MMIC technologies. Our experience with monolithic technologies includes historic MESFET devices as well as 0.25um and 0.15um pHEMT technologies. We have additional but limited experience with InP, GaN and PIN processes. For light-wave modulation we designed for GaAs as well as LiNi processing.