Microwave System and Circuit Design

We offer microwave system and circuit design capabilities with extensive with electromagnetic, linear and non-linear modeling. System design benefits from our knowledge of technology as well as experience with many advanced systems such as RADARs, ECM, T/R modules and more.

Using efficient circuit synthesis and design procedures we able to provide robust circuits with predictable production sensitivities. Proper circuit topology selection, tolerance analysis and yield optimization are used to minimize and eliminate tuning. Seamless transfer to production is provided with vendor footprints and our full featured custom layout libraries integrated with design rules of manufacturing processes. Many of our designs are tailored to product requirements be it low cost, minimal size, weight or power dissipation.

Our repertoire of linear designs includes:
Special filters and frequency multiplexers -
  • Monolithic
  • High rejection
  • Matched Bessel for optical communications
  • Dielectric Resonator
  • Band stop - microwave PBG designs
  • Equalizers of amplitude, phase and group delay
    Wideband power combining networks
    PIN, FET and MEMS based designs
    Switches -
  • PIN diode
  • FET
  • MEMS
  • Transfer [FET]
  • Non-Reflective
  • Phase shifters - digital 6bit and analog controlled
    Vector modulators
    Attenuators - digital 6bit and analog controlled
    True time delay adjustable equalizers
    Couplers - wideband, 180 degrees hybrids and quadrature

    Non-linear designs:

    Amplifiers -
  • Low noise / cryogenic
  • Low phase noise
  • Matched buffers
  • Wideband distributed amplifiers
  • Power stages and amplifiers
  • Mixers -
  • Single and dual balanced diode based
  • Image reject
  • FET based Gilbert cell
  • Phase detectors
  • Limiters and T/R switches up to 10W
    Frequency multipliers -
  • Schottky diode based
  • FET non-linearity types
  • Oscillators -
  • DRO, stable and low cost
  • VCO's
  • Synthesizers
  • Low phase noise